Best Makeup Brush Sets 2018 Blusher Eye Shadow MS-063

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Best Makeup Brush Sets 2018 Blusher Eye Shadow MS-063

100% new and high quality!
Material: high quality synthetic fiber hair–super soft thick–comfortable for different skin
Color:White+rose golden
Each brush is designed with long, easy-to-grip handle for precision during application
Provide a whole set of brushes including 8 brushes of different sizes


Question: Is the handle metal? is it hollow??

Answer: hi, it’s wood.

Question: Does this come in a box

Answer: No, it comes in a ziplock bag with a paper that has the purpose of each brush.

Question: Does it fit in the mailbox

 Answer: Not with the shipping box it’ll come in.

Question: Has anyone noticed any fibers shedding from the brushes?

Answer: I have not noticed any fibers shedding from the brushes

Question: Are they labeled

Answer: No, they are not labeled

Question: Any reviews for the 8pc set ?

Answer: Great product for the price. Long handles, good weight, makeup looks good. No issues yet.

Nice Beginner set: Best Makeup Brushes Set 5pcs Blush Blending Powder MS-062

Customer Reviews


” Must Buy!! 

Just them Gorgeous!! ”

” They’re good!

These makeup brushes are really good although I don’t use them as much as I thought I would probably because I feel like they were just a trendy item that I had to have in the moment. They do work awesome if you are getting them in planning to actually use them but I find that I still use my beauty blender and other brushes way more. ”

” So Soft!

Good quality brushes! Very soft and the large ones work amazing for blending and applying powder and bronzer, highlights and such.
I’m not quite sure how to use the skinny ones, still working on figuring that out, but i definitely love the larger ones for applying powders and countouring! ”

” Definitely worth buying

Better than paying for the pricey version because these work just as well for applying makeup. The “metallic” part is plastic & has slight bend (very slight) when pressure is applied. If you don’t like that, then you could place a finger on the back of the brush head to stabilize it. Very soft textured bristles, but packed firmly like on the photo. ”

” Heart

I love them! The little long ones are great for applying powder hilighters! The round ones are great for foundation or concealer, but one is HUGE! You could probably put stuff all over your body with it, if that’s your thing. The tiny round ones are good for eyeshadows! ”

” Love these brushes for makeup

So soft I love them for my foundation and cream products I love the color and design of theses they are heavy but not extremely heavy I think the little ones in the collection are good but I don’t tend to use them but I use the bigger ones and love them ”

” Amazing Brushes!

I can tell you right now, if you are reading this review, it is 100% true. I am definitely a person who reads reviews to see what I order, and that’s what I did with this product. I had ordered them after I saw these brushes had great reviews, and I got them days early! I tested them out as soon as I grabbed them out the box and cleaned them. They are amazing!!! They are soft, high quality and definitely worth more than I paid. The only downside is they are plastic and very flexible, which kinda makes me scared that I’ll break it, but so far, they’ve withstood the test of everyday use for about the past month. Definitely would recommend and probably even buy for a friend (: ”

” Best brushes I’ve bought in a very long time

Best brushes I’ve bought in a very long time. The rose gold is super rosey, the price is low, the design is trendy, the quality is great. So happy with this purchase. ”

” Love it !!! : D

Love love love it! Price is great for the quality and quantity i got!
I love how they feel on my face even when im done applying makeup I don’t want to stop using it because of how soft it feels on my face lol.
I’ve bought brushes from macys and drugstores for higher cost for one and they don’t compare to these. I use less product and it does better coverage. They are awesome so happy I bought them. I will b a returning customer forsure!! ”