Best Makeup Brushes Set 5pcs Blush Blending Powder MS-062

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Best Makeup Brushes Set 5pcs Blush Blending Powder MS-062

Hair Meterial: Nylon Hair,each brush,serve a purpose. Handle Material: wood,Synthetic fiber hair
Brush Kit: Small flat oblique brush,Small fan-shaped brush,Curved eye shadow brush,Oval eye shadow brush,Long eye shadow,Angled brush,Foundation brush,Medium powder brush,Large powder brush.
Pink Pink Pink,the Favorite color all over the world.Pink brush and pink case.You best choice
All brushes were tested to serve a specific makeup purpose.These soft makeup brushes are easy to clean and they dry off fast.
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Question: Does it arrive with a cap on the bristle part?

Answer: No, it arrives with a plastic sleeve.

Question: Will it leave foundation streaky?

Answer: No it will not. It blends foundation in really well.

Question: Does this brush shed a lot?

Answer: I have used this brush for a couple months now and haven’t had any issues with shedding. This brush is very well made; I love it.

Question: Can it be used as a blending brush?

Answer: I use it as my step 2 with putting on my foundation. I apply my liquid foundation to a looser bristled foundation brush to distribute it on my face, then use the Kabuki brush in circles to blend. Works like a CHARM!!! I have heard you can use it for blush too, cream blush I assume.

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Customer Reviews


” Nice Beginner set

The container these come in is actually a small plastic one which was different than what I’m used to. The brushes are actually pretty nice, some have densely packed bristles (tight) and others are pretty loosely packed but all are very soft and gentle. You get pretty much everything you need and they’re workable. I’d say they’re good for teens and beginners but there are a few I’d still use in addition to my high end brushes. They do come in plastic sleeves to protect the bristles. I’m basing my rating off the price VS quality and for a cheap set, they’re a nice quality. No loose heads, no shedding but there were a few bristles that were longer than they should be and I just used my eyebrow scissors to nip them off down to where they should be. I felt confident enough to set these on the guest vanity in my bathroom for guest use should they not have any with them. ”

They’re cute, but they’re also great quality!!!

I’ll be honest, I purchased these for the color and shape. I just couldn’t pass up these awesome unicorn brushes! I was delighted to find the quality is spectacular!!! No bristle fall out, and I’ve been using these for about a month. Easy to clean, extremely soft. If you’re on the fence about these — get them! Love the variety of brush shapes, for the price, this is an incredible buy. ”

” Did not expect this..

Let me just start off by saying.. i had little to NO expectations for these brushes. When I put them in my cart I was like ehh they’re cheap so ok. If I hated them i would just gift them to my little sister. The pictures do not do them justice. From the photo given by the seller they looked kinda cheap? BUT OMG no. They are so so so so nice! The tips are firmly gripped to the stick. Sometimes when you get cheap brushes the brush tip will just completely fall off bc they use like one dot of glue but i pulled on the bristles and they were not budging. They feel pretty heavy, which is a good thing because normally it means they’re better quality brushes. Whereas really light weight brushes are generally more flimsy and easier to break. The packaging is too cute. Did not expect that either. They send you a cute pouch to store the brushes, brush cleaner pad, and a silicone foundation applicator. The bristles themselves are SOFT AND DENSE. So so soft! Also there is none of that nasty chemical smell that so many brushes on Amazon have. NONE. I checked for that specifically and my nose picked up zero smell. Overall I am so happy that i picked these brushes. So worth the money!! You get so much value for such an amazing price!! ?? im gonna buy more and give them out as Christmas gifts to family. (: ”

” Adorable Brush Set

The Makeup Brushes Set of 5 is ADORABLE.
I got these for my daughter. She has been asking for a set of brushes for a while now, but I just left like se was too young. I decided to go ahead and get her a set, and then found these. She calls them Unicorn Horn Brushes. She Loves them. Her best friend was visiting when she got them, and the friend asked me if I could get her a set too.
It has 10 different brushes in the set. They each have their own specific purpose but I am not sure what each one does so I will not comment to that part of it. I will tell you they are the softest brushes I have ever rubbed on my cheek, They are all pink tipped like in the pictures. The picture I am submitting have three of them where she has used them, so they are darker colored from the makeup she used.
The set also comes with a brushegg for cleaning the brushes.
Lastly it comes with a silicone liquid makeup applicator as well.
She squealed with joy when I gave this set to her, so I am giving it 5 stars
I hope you found my review to be helpful. If you have any questions please comment below and I will try and answer for you. ”

” Any MUA would love these!

These makeup brushes are beautiful!! I gave them to my niece who is learning how to apply makeup and they work just as well as my expensive brushes. They are soft, easy to clean and they dry quickly. We did not have any problems with the bristles falling out. My favorite part is the silicone egg. I’ve been dying to try it. Its different from the way I usually apply my foundation and creams but its a good different ”