Best travel makeup brushes 7pcs powder blush eye face MS-072

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Best travel makeup brushes 7pcs powder blush eye face MS-072

ELEGANT 7 PIECE PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSH SET – All brushes are 100% cruelty-free, made with the highest quality of synthetic hair which is much more hygienic and more durable than natural hair brushes.
THESE ARE THE TOP 7 MAKEUP BRUSHES EVERY GIRL NEEDS! We got you covered! We made sure our 7-piece set includes every make up brush you’ll need on a day-to-day basis. Here’s what you get: Foundation Brush + Powder/Blush Brush + Angled Liner Brush + Eyeshadow Brush and Lip Brush along with designer case.
TOP QUALITY BRUSHES – PROFESSIONAL DESIGN AND LONG LASTING! See why customers give us 5-star reviews on Amazon and love our makeup brush set! Our brushes is a high-quality synthetic fiber. This results in longer lasting brushes. Reduces falling out fibers. Smoother makeup application. A better experience overall!

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Question: Do you experience any shedding with these brushes?

Answer: Very good quality. Only used a few times but no shedding so far!

Question: How large is the powder brush? I’m looking for a very large brush to do all over powder ! Very large

Answer: It is not very large. I would say standard to large.

Question: how do you clean the brushes

Answer: Instead of buying cleansers specifically for makeup brushes, I use something that I already have…my baby’s shampoo/wash. It’s gentle enough to clean and remove the build-up without causing the individual brush hairs to fall off. The Honest Co. – Perfectly Gentle Shampoo & Body Wash is recommended;

Question: Which brush would be best for liquid foundation?

Answer: I don’t put on liquid foundation so I really don’t know. Sorry

Customer Reviews


Worth every penny

I recently got back into wearing makeup, after taking a several-year sabbatical. It was apparent that I needed new makeup brushes, but I had never bought any online – in fact, I’m not sure if the internet even existed the last time I bought makeup brushes. Eventually, I selected these brushes based on the overwhelming number of satisfied customers. Now, I am happy to say that I, too, am one of those happy customers. They truly are the softest brushes you can imagine, and the included variety of brushes seem to be just enough to get the job done.
Two other points I feel are worth mentioning: 1.) I appreciate that they have excellent product support. Specifically, they have labeled the types of brush you are looking at, as well as a short dialogue on how best to use them. 2.) I received a letter from the president of this company within a day or two of placing my order. The letter gave a bit of their customer history, their mission, and a genuine appreciation for my business. That was a really nice thing to do or say that about. ”


I ordered this best travel makeup brushes 7pcs set as a Christmas gift for my wife who had hinted that she really needed new makeup brushes. I have purchased many products from Amazon over the past couple of years, but never before had the owner of the company (or anyone from a selling company for that matter) personally write to me to ask how we liked their product, offer product information, or to answer any questions. This kind of hands-on, personal touch way of doing business is very unique in this day and age and this seller deserves 5+ stars just on customer service alone! When my wife unwrapped her present she noted how much she liked the case itself. But when she opened the case her eyes really widened and when she unwrapped the brushes themselves her word to describe them was “awesome”. The brushes appear to be of a very high quality and the feel of the bristles is just amazing. My wife mentioned to me that just for the large sized brush, a well known brand name sells for $65 for this size in the beauty store. She said that the brushes together and with the case would easily be “hundreds of dollars” at the store. So I feel great, that I was able to get her a gift that she really loves, and something that she perceives should be worth hundreds of dollars, for just a fraction of the price. Really the price of this set should be much higher. ”

” Best brush set ever!

I can’t say enough about this set. I raved about it so much that my two daughters and sister ended up ordering the set as well. The brushes are beautiful, full sized, and incredibly well made. Each brush can be used for more than just one purpose, so you may find that this is the only set you absolutely need, although if you’e a makeup buff like me, you may want to add in a couple of specialty brushes or an extra eye-shadow brush or two. These brushes are SUPER soft! I really like the case, because it’s stylish and plenty large enough to hold my other brushes too. I honestly don’t know how they can afford to sell this set for so cheap! This would be the perfect gift for someone just starting out with makeup, but it’s nice to know that these brushes are used by makeup pros!… check them out on YouTube. ”

” This beginner love these!

I’ve only used them for a week, but I love them already. I picked them solely because they were the highest reviewed and it was a great price.
I did notice a small plastic smell when I got them, but I opened them up and let them sit out overnight and no more smell. I already notice that I am using a lot less makeup and it’s easier to use. My coworker complimented on my makeup the first day I used them! I am pretty terrible at make up, but turning 30 means that it has become more of a need than a dress up thing. I use a pressed foundation/powder thing. So not totally liquid, but not a powder. These work great. I also use a cream blush and the big brush was perfect. I don’t do much eye shadow or lipstick, so I haven’t used the smaller brushes, but I will.
The email from the owners of the company was a nice touch too! I really appreciated that. ”


I am very impressed with this set!!! I’ve been using it for a few weeks, now. It functions very well…better than natural bristle brushes, which I’ve always considered the best…but they break off in pieces , which is very annoying and time consuming to remove… I’m no longer using the natural bristles. I’ve tried other synthetic brushes but they weren’t to my liking. I’m so pleased with them, I would give them as a gift. I know anyone would love them! ”