Eyeliner Brush Set Ultra Thin Application Premium Quality Synthetic MS-088

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Eyeliner Brush Set Ultra Thin Application Premium Quality Synthetic MS-088

BRISTLE PERFECTION – The key to great makeup brushes are the bristles. Our high quality bristles are soft, yet just the right density for packing color. Soft, silky bristles glide over the delicate eye area, making eye shadow and liner application a breeze. Clean up beautifully with zero shedding. Best eye makeup brushes ever!
UNIQUE VERSATILITY – The pro Precision Eye Liner has a narrow angled bristle head designed for applying a tight line to the upper and lower eye lash lines using liquid, gel, cream or powders. Apply liner to the upper rim of the lash line to create the illusion of darker, fuller eyelashes. This brush also works to fill in your brows.

This pro quality eye brush set makes application easy, achieving the flawless look you desire.
– pro All Over Shader: The dense rounded bristles are designed to pack eyeshadow over the entire eyelid for a smooth and even finish.
– pro Angled Shading: The angled bristle head is designed for applying product to the brow bone. Makes highlighting quick and easy. Also works great to blend color into the crease.
– pro Blending: The tapered bristles allow for precision blending powder eyeshadows and buffing harsh lines for a smoother finish. Best used to blend product to the lid and crease. The shorter bristles help you to control where you want the product for a more precise application.
– pro Crease: Best used to apply shadow in the eyelid crease for a soft diffused effect to the eyes.
– pro Pencil: You’ll love the soft pointed bristle head for smudging liners or applying shadow along the top and lower lash line, creating a smokey effect. Also great for defining the outer V or the crease.
– pro Flat Definer: Create a sharp and precise line on the upper or lower lash lines with gel, cream or powder eyeliners.
– pro Precision Eye Liner: The narrow angled bristle head creates a tight line to the upper and lower eye lash lines using liquid, gel, cream or powders. Use small strokes to create a perfect wing.
– pro Tapered Blending: Apply and blend a first color base shadow into the crease of the eyelid for a soft finish.


Customer Reviews



I tried using this brush for eyelining but it did NOT work for me. It’s just too wide and not firm enough. (I use the Studio small smudge brush or small angled brush for eyelining instead.) However, it worked great for filling in my eyebrows, smudging eyeshadows for a smokey eye look, putting eyeshadow on my lower lash line, putting highlighting eyeshadows under my eyebrows, and I even used it for a lip brush when I was in a pinch. Totally multi-purpose. The bristles are soft w/a little firmness, the bristles do get stained though, the bristles are not scratchy on my skin and is easy to clean and re-shape. I give it 5 stars for it’s versatility.”

Never thought I could foil shadow

So I never thought I would ever be able to foil eyeshadow colors, until I tried this brush. The brush has perfect bristles to help foil your eyeshadow. I simply place some loose color on a clean mixing plate. Then I add one or 2 drops/sprays of a foiling serum, or eye drops/fixplus to the brush and use the brush to smash the pigment, then apply to my eye. Works amazing. The brush is to thick to really use as a liner brush, and after a few uses of trying to use it as an eyeliner I noticed the bristles became frayed at the ends- leaving me to the conclusion that this is the best thing to use to foiling, ever. I own 5 of these, and love them.”

I need more

I ordered a bunch of brushes about a month ago. For the most part I have to say that if you want a certain this brush you should get a black one. The white ones are just so-so…with the exception of this one. This is a perfect brush for eyeliner. It is the perfect blend of stiff and soft to line top, bottom, waterline or tightline. I also have a clean one that I use with makeup remover for cleaning up mistakes. I love it for that as well. For the most part I would normally say get the black brushes but this one I do recommend and will be coming back and getting a few more. You just can’t beat the price.”


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