Eyeshadow brush set luxury 12 piece wholesale eye cosmetic MS-080

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Eyeshadow brush set luxury 12 piece wholesale eye cosmetic MS-080

Customer Reviews

”I’ll update this review after I’ve actually used them, but I just wanted to make notes based on first appearances. Upon opening the box, all the brushes are individually wrapped in plastic. There is a faint smell of a cleaner but it’s not at all bothersome. If I had to suggest what it smells like, i’d say faintly like after you use a marker like a sharpie, but once out in the open, the smell goes away almost immediately.
Once I took them out of the plastic I messed around with them- the bristles all feel soft, but firm for durability and not at all harsh like some cheaply synthetic brushes might and none of the bristles have broken off which is great. Also, inside the little box there is a paper which you can use as a guide for each brush’s preferred use is.
The only slight negative thing I might have to add is the size. They’re more travel size than a standard size brush, and about the length of a pen which I don’t mind having, but it wasn’t what I intending when purchasing these. Also on a few brushes there was a bristle or two out of place, either from being bent or just not cut to match the others and it’s just an easy fix to snip them off or to the length of the other bristles.”

Great set!!!

Your get a TON of brushes for the price! I’m pleasantly surprised by these brushes. I wanted a back up set for when I’m cleaning my other brushes. I honestly can’t even count the number of make up brushes I have, but I don’t feel like it’s something I can have too many of. This set comes with a lot of eyeshadow brushes which I really, really like. When I’m doing my eyeshadow I like to use different brushes for different colors so I can prevent my eyeshadow from looking muddy. So- the fact that this comes with 12 different brushes specifically for eyeshadow is awesome. They are shaped different of course and are designed for different application techniques- but it’s not something you typically get with makeup brush sets. Overall- I’m really pleased with these and would definitely recommend them.”

Great Price for the Best of Makeup Brushes

These are the finest makeup brushes I’ve ever used. I use them mostly for applying brow power or eye shadow.
They work on both the pigmented wet type shadows or with the dry shadows. Such a bargain too. Will order
these again, if they ever wear out, but there are so many, it will take a while to wear them all out. Like the
variety of tips on them too, especially the fine tipped ones. I even use some of them for my painting of pictures.”

EXCELLENT brushes–especially for the price! Some of the best I’ve ever owned

I am really surprised at the quality of these brushes, given their price. Shocked, really. I have brushes that were much more expensive, yet not even close to these in quality.
The bristles are synthetic (which is actually a plus, despite what you’ve been told about natural bristles, because natural bristles allow bacteria to breed much more easily and are much more prone to breakage and wear over time!). Despite being synthetic, they are extremely gentle. They are also very full, so you get great coverage with these brushes.
This particular brush set is much better for contouring and small-application, so just be aware of that when purchasing. These aren’t made for large-application use, like powder foundation, etc (although you can use the biggest one for that). I use loose powder almost exclusively, but have some pressed powder eye shadows, so these are perfect. For eye shadow application, these are the best brushes I’ve ever used. I also use pressed eye shadow for eyeliner and brow filler, and the smaller brushes in this set are perfect for that.
I love this set so much, I will probably be getting all my girly friends and family members each a set for Xmas.”

Really great brushes.

I love this set. There’s so many good brushes to get the job done. They’re as soft as acrylic paint brushes (really soft) and are durable. Love the variety!”

Fabulous! So happy with this set of makeup brushes

In this Eyeshadow brush set you get an excellent variety of brushes to apply your makeup with. There are 3 brushes that are dual ended. As make makeup enthusiast I was particularly pleased with that. Although the brushes don’t have numbers printed on them, to tell you what each individual brush is used for. include a reference card with a picture of each brush on one side and on the other side, there is a list that explains what each brush is.
When I received the brushes they did have a chemical odor, which doesn’t bother me. I have had more than one set of makeup brushes arrive like that. I think it’s because they spray them with something to keep them protected while in storage and during the shipping process. It’s an easy fix to that anyway. Before you wash them just remove them from their protective plastic sleeves and let them sit for 2-3 days and then wash them. I know we all want to try out our new makeup toys right away (pretty much as soon as we open the box) but trust me, just try it. Sometimes just washing them instead of letting them sit first may cause you to have to wash them more than once or twice to get rid of the smell.”