fenty beauty 5pcs portable cosmetic brush Face Makeup MS-046

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fenty beauty 5pcs portable cosmetic brush Face Makeup MS-046

100% Brand New Complete Set of 5 makeup brushes.
The makeup brush set is easy to carry and use
Uniquely shaped and color coded aluminum ferrules
Soft and silky to the touch
Products are Great for Makeup Artists or Home Use

Top customer reviews

” These brushes are best for applying foundation all over the face. You have different styles to choose from. I personally like the tapered, and the two flat top brushes. I put about a couple of dots of foundation on the center of the flat brushes. Maybe like a small pea size amount. Then I dot it on my cheeks, tip of nose, chin, and last forehead. Then blend. These brushes help me distribute the foundation in a nice way. The tapered one I like to use for my under eye area.
I got the idea to use a flat top brush from Bare minerals foundation serum that also sells a special brush with a flat top and the center has shorter bristles to accommodate for a couple of drops of foundation. I figure you don’t need the small indentation in the center of the flat top brush, you can just put the foundation right at the center of a normal flat top brush, like the ones in this kit.
I like that the tips are white so you know when you have to wash them. Or when you should wash them to keep them nice and clean.
I would not use these brushes for bronzer, blush, or eye shadow. They will not blend the bronzer or blush that well because they are not fluffy. For eye shadow, they are too big. Maybe i would use the tapered one to apply eye shadow primer to my eye lid. ”