Foundation brush 4pcs large Powder blending luxury brown MS-076

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Foundation brush 4pcs large Powder blending luxury brown MS-076

No shedding, no fading, non-allergenic, antibacterial, odor free, absorb less liquids and creams.
100% vegan-friendly fiber bristles: Softer, denser, smoother and silkier to pick up powder easily.
PU leather carrying bag keeps all the makeup brushes in a good condition.
Wooden handle: No distortion, no fading, no cracking, no shrinkage.
4 different shapes and sizes of makeup brushes: great for various types of makeup such as foundation, blush, blending, contouring, shading, highlighting, eye shadow, eyebrow, concealer, etc.

Complete eye makeup kit: Eye makeup brush set 14pcs eyeshadow lip shader fan MS-075

Customer Reviews

Very Unique & Stylish!

Loving my new set of makeup brushes. It consists of 4 beautiful brushes and a pouch. When I first saw them, I was super impressed with the very unique, stylish and beautiful pouch they came in. The quality of the pouch is awesome. Very fancy and elegant.
Once I opened to look into the brushes, I fell in love with them. There quality is amazing. They are very strong and well made. Also the bristles are very soft to your skin which is great to avoid damage on your face. In this wonderful set, you will find all you are looking for in a brush set from powder to eyebrows brush from eyeshadow to foundation brush.
My video is self explanatory. This 4 brush set and pouch is very elegant and unique. The quality is so great that it will definetely last you for a long time. This wonderful set is great to carry with you everywhere you go. Highly recommended.”

Compact and Fashionable

I have many make up brushes ranging from highly expensive to very low in price. This is a cute little wallet type carry all for your make up brushes. It comes in a light pinkish color with the standard brushes ranging from small for lining to large for all over coverage. It first perfectly in my purse or can be your travel set. The bristles are soft on the skin and I have not had any issues with the material. I am pleased with my purchase. (Pardon my poor photography – the color does not look like the light pastel white in the photos!)”

Sturdy Amoore make up brushes!!!

I am very happy with my Amoore Makeup Brushes, I have been using them for about a week now. They are so sturdy, and the brushes stay the same shape even after being used. There are so many of them for everything. The case it comes in is a very pretty light Pink/ Tan. It makes it easy to carry in my purse. I will buy again, all the brushed com individually wrapped in plastic. The packing is awesome…they are a great value. Thanks.. :)”

Nice starter brush set

Nice set of starter brushes. Not the best brushes nor the worst. These are decent brushes for those new to makeup especially for the price. It comes in an ivory colored (pearlized inside flap) brush roll case that wraps around for storage. The handle is a pearlized white and ferrule is a brushed gold so it gives the set a luxe appearance. The top flap covers to protect the brush heads.
4 brushes for face and eyes. I see myself using the short shading and blending brush the most. Those are nice and densely packed and I can never have enough eye brushes to switch around with different colors. The angled shading brush is smaller than typical so I don’t see myself using it. I already have better brushes for the rest, which is why I say it’d make a good starter set so that way you can experiment and know what works good for you. The bristles are very soft and have a smooth quality. The fan brush has a light touch so it’d be great for wiping off any fall out from eye shadow. The powder brush is nice and fluffy. Not very dense so it’ll give you a light finish at the end as to not disturb your makeup. The brush blush is also nice and has a nice feel and density to apply color. The foundation brush is a bit weird to me. Using it, it would take forever for you to blend foundation because of how small and packed it is. Better suited as a concealer brush or to place contour. All of the brushes in the set would be usable to me in some way except maybe that angled shading brush which seems really small, but may be ok if you want detail.”

my favorite is the eyebrow brush

The make up brush is elegant: the color of the stick is light pink, is as the same color as the package. The brush can be used on whisker, forehead, chin or ocular region. my favorite is the eyebrow brush. It makes eyebrow color natural, and the lip brush makes the my lip vivid. I especially like the package also. it is like a small handbag, when you touch the surface of the package, the surface makes you comfortable. On the other hand, the whole package is light and portable, it is the most available stuff when traveling. Like it!”