Foundation brush wholesale cheap Make-up tools wood handle MS-082

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Foundation brush wholesale cheap Make-up tools wood handle MS-082

Brush Care Tips
Interested in extending the life of your brushes? Here’s how we clean our brushes!
If it’s a brush you use daily, we recommend washing it weekly.
Use warm water and a mild cleanser such as baby shampoo.
Lather the bristles with cleanser and rinse under water until the water runs clear.
Try not to fully submerge the base of the bristles in water or your cruelty-free bristles may detach from the form.
After rinsing, smooth brush head back into original form.
Let dry overnight and wake up to a refreshed brush for your morning makeup routine

Single Nylon hair Brush: Single Brush Foundation Blush Blending Makeup Companies MS-060

Customer Reviews

Great Foundation Brush

I originally got a set of these brushes for my daughter. She loved them so of course I had to try them for myself. This flat foundation brush is wonderful. The powder foundation goes on nice and even…No streaking or clumpy looking spots. I like the way the brush looks but wish it came in other color selections. The brush bristles are nice and soft so they don’t feel scratchy against my skin like some other brushes. I also really like the fact that the foundation brushes are made with some recycled materials so I feel like I am doing my part in the whole recycling thing. The handle is made of bamboo so it has a really nice feel to it. Smooth and not rough. On the packaging it did state that this brush works with powder or cream foundations but I haven’t tried it with the cream foundation yet. My daughter did try it with the cream foundation and said she liked it. The brushes all come in this really nice pouch that you can keep them in for storage. I would recommend this brush for all the people out there that like a nice soft bristle and great coverage for their foundation.”

Lovely Wood handle.

The wood handle brushes are really pretty, using sustainable resources such as wooden. The handles are easy to handle and lightly lacquered. Metal adornes the top to hold the soft bristles in place tightly. The bristles are synthetic taklon bristles that are really soft and really allow you to get the right coverage of foundation with it’s broad face. Using this brush was a lot better than the one I paid more for so I was impressed. As with make-up tools it is best to wash your tools every 3 months, and air dry, to keep them looking good as well as keep from spreading yucky bacteria all over your face. Packaging is plastic front with cute leaf green fabric backing for storing your brushes away and has a tuck in flap. **I recieved this item for free in exchange for my open and honest opinion of the product”

Fabulous brush!

This is a fabulous make up brush. The bamboo handle is smooth and easy to hold on to and does not slip if your hands are wet. The bristles are very soft and fan out easily. The bristles are compact and securely held in place with no shedding as you use it. It is soft enough to use close to your eyes without scratching or poking the sensitive skin around the eyes. I washed this brush to see if it made a difference in the bristles and it did not. The bristles remained soft and intact and it dried fairly quick. It easily blends in your concealer or foundations whether you apply with the brush or just blend what was already applied to your face. The size is compact enough to go into your purse kit, gym bag or wherever you would carry it. Another great thing about this brush is the packaging. The back is actually fabric with a plastic front, stitched around the sides. You can store your brush in it to protect the bristles. The other great thing is that it is sealed with a plastic fastener (similar to the ones that hold price tags on clothes) so it cannot be opened while hanging on a shelf, tried and put back for someone else to buy. The packaging prevents you from buying a “used” brush. I would definitely buy more tools from this line.”

All natural materials…

The wood handle Foundation Brush, is a brush made with all recyclable material, from it’s bamboo handle to it’s soft as air bristles…this is a must need for applying a soft clean foundation on your face. From the first swipe on your cheeks, it is so soft you can’t even feel it’s going on…It’s bristles are designed to cover and smooth out your makeup while seeing a difference using this brush.  makes all there fine products using all recyclable materials even right down to the pouch it came in, which is good for the environment and cost efficient for the consumer…I recommend this product, and need a good quality foundation brush that is sure to last for a long time…”

Wood handle foundation brush

I don’t usually use a foundation brush so I thought I’d give this one a try. It actually works great. The bristles on the brush are soft on the face and easy to use. I put some foundation on the brush, not a lot, then dotted my face with a dot on each cheek, two dots on my forehead and one on my chin then proceeded to spread it around my face. I stared on my chin and went upward toward my cheek blending in by the nose and then towards the forehead blending into the hairline. This brush was comfortable in the hand and was very easy to use. I found that I used less makeup than when using your fingers and that the makeup didn’t feel greasy or built up. I was amazed that my skin felt good after using the brush and how well it blended the makeup. The clean up of the brush was very easy and it dries fairly quickly. I would recommend cleaning the brush after every use Since there are so many videos on how to use the foundation brush, I’m only showing some photos. Pros – Easy to use Bristles are soft/gentle on the face Uses less makeup Spreads makeup evenly and blends into hairline, etc Easy to clean Drys within an hour Cons – Pouch has a small opening – hard to get brush out of and into All in all I would recommend this brush. Very glad that I decided to try it”