Full makeup brush set 24pcs Roll up Case Cosmetic MS-036

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Full makeup brush set 24pcs Roll up Case Cosmetic MS-036

Package included:
1. Eyelash and brow comb
2. Eye smudge stick
3. Eyelash Curler
4. Eye shadow stick
5. Eye line Brush
6. Concealer brush
7. Angled eyebrow brush
8. Lip brush
9. Eyeliner Brush
10. Small Fan-shaped brush
11. Small Eye smudge brush
12. Angled eyeshadow Brush
13. Smudge brush
14. Smoke eye brush
15. Medium Eye smudge brush
16. Large Eye smudge brush
17. Medium Eye shadow brush
18. Large Eye shadow brush
19. Highlight / Nose shadow brush
20. Foundation brush
21. Blush Brush
22. Contour Brush
23. Powder brush
24. Large fan-shaped brush

Top customer reviews

” Brushes are really soft and don’t seem to shed AT ALL. With some other cheap brush sets I’ve purchased I’d have to pick hairs off my face after using them but not with this one! I was very surprised considering the price. They applied my makeup well and would be perfect for a beginner or someone who travels a lot or even just someone looking for a set of brushes but doesn’t want to spend too much. My only complaint is the fact that all of the brushes are relatively flat, and all of the face brushes are really fluffy. I need to reach for a different brush set to apply my face powders because the brushes either don’t provide enough coverage or they aren’t dense enough to pick up the color. They’re great for contouring though. Wouldn’t recommend using liquid makeup with these though, it’ll come out streaky. Overall, it’s a really nice brush set but don’t expect it to be perfect. I’m going to keep this in my suitcase for when I’m traveling. ”