Luxury private label cosmetics 10pcs Synthetic makeup brushes MS-070

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Luxury private label cosmetics 10pcs Synthetic makeup brushes MS-070

【HIGH SYNTHETIC BRUSHES SET】 -Soft and silky to touch,the brushes are dense and shaped well. Especially for sensitive skin
【PREMIUM SYNTHETIC HAIR】-The core of a makeup brush is its bristles, high-quality bristles will have exquisite makeup.L COSMETIC use synthetic fiber hair,no-cruel
【Perfect Gift for Any Occasion】 -Wooden handle for easy use.A cosmetic bag will be a good storage when you travel.Also as a gift for your girlfriend is a nice choice
【COSMETIC BRUSHES KIT PACKAGE】-Each makeup brushes was assembled by hand and packed individually.Also have brushes sponge and makeup brushes cleaning,they can be very good as a cosmetic brush auxiliary tool
【PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSHES 】-Makeup brushes set 10 pcs with case whether professional use or home use even kabuki makeup,perfect use of any contour of your face

Cute brush set: Mermaid Colorful Makeup Brushes 10PCS Eyebrow Eyeliner Blush MS-069


Question: How are the quality of these brushes?

Answer: Synthetic brushes, feel soft on your face.

Question: How do I know which brush is which? and how do I know what to use if for?

Answer: Hi,We have now added instructions to each brushes for how to use,hope you will enjoy our makeup brushes.

Question: Are these brushes flimsy?

Answer: Thanks for your question,the brushes conclude soft and dense according need


Customer Reviews


Some of the best brushes I’ve ever tried.

When I first saw these brushes, I knew that I HAD to have them. I have been a beauty blogger and makeup lover for years now and have tried countless makeup brushes in my time. These have to be one of the best. Beyond the fact that this set comes with every brush you need to create an endless array of looks, the beauty sponge and brushegg complete your collection. the brushes are super soft and dense which makes applying any type of makeup from cream to powder a breeze. The travel case it also super helpful because it allows you to take these brushes anywhere you go without being worried that they will get damaged or dirty. At just $21 you really can’t beat this set. All of the brushes come wrapped in plastic to prevent them from getting dirty during shipping.

My only complaint about these brushes is that they are not labeled for what they are used for. While I don’t need them to be labeled, I feel like a beginner could really benefit from knowing the purpose of each brush. That being said, these are amazing brushes and I would still highly recommend placing an order for them.

I created a look using only these brushes and they really helped pack on the pigment and created a stunning look.”

A brush for each occassion

I really like this set of brushes because the bristles don’t fall out on my face when I’m using it. They are soft and didn’t itch me like my cheaper ones. The carrying case has a handle and can fit each brush. There are a ton of different shadow brushes but personally I only use 3. The bigger brushes are nice because my loose powder applies pretty flawlessly if you tap the brush before you do apply it. I think it looks best if you blot your face as opposed to just swiping it on. If you do prefer to swipe it, use circular motions for a flawless look 🙂
I have cleaned them once and I didn’t notice any loose bristles so that’s always a plus for me.
TIP: always always ALWAYS make sure to keep your brushes clean. Clean them once a month or so. A clean brush is a happy brush and they will last so much longer and your skin will thank you.
I found that the entire carrying case will fit inside my bag and diaper bag so that’s also a big plus for me ”

I love that they are soft

I love that they are soft, dense and stiff. The foundation brush actually gave me FLAWLESS skin for the first time EVER. This product has some strange smell, might be the plastic smell in the package and also because this’s new !”

starsGreat coverage, holding shape, soft and silky

I am really liking these makeup brushes. I’ve only every used a blusher brush and a powder puff…now I’m using brushes for almost everything… from foundation to blusher to eye shadow to my setting powder.
They are soft and comfortable to use. They seem to hold their shape well…and I continue to put the netting back on after each use to help them retain their shape.
The coverage they provide is great…and I think it helps me use less…and that’s a bonus since makeup is so expensive these days. And I LOVE the foundation brush..I’m wondering how I ever got by without one.
My only complaint? I wish, as a beginner, there was a list of which brush to use for what!
I will definitely keep this company on my radar for other products!”

I would buy again, best brushes ever!

I absolutely love this Professional Brush Set. It comes with so many different makeup brushes, that I can do foundation, contouring, and eye shadow really well. They blend, and buff really well…I am a Licensed Cosmetologist who also specializes in Makeup…so I know my brushes lol. It comes with a great package that keeps them from getting damaged during shipping. With this brush set, I do not need another, so I am very happy about that. If you love the sponge, and great brushes, you should really give them a try. I have already cleaned them after use, and they are very easy to clean. I highly recommend, and I would buy again.”