Makeup brushes travel kit colorful 7pcs concealer powder blush MS-074

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Makeup brushes travel kit colorful 7pcs concealer powder blush MS-074

OUT OF CONTROL SOFTNESS – Beautiful 7 Piece Premium Synthetic Makeup Brush Set – Vegan friendly and cruelty-free professional makeup brushes that apply makeup better, more hygienic and last longer. You will simply love the amazing out-of-control softness feel on your skin.
FAST and EASY APPLICATION – We handpicked the most essential makeup brushes to apply a beautiful all over makeup application for a picture perfect finish. Easy to use brushes for a fast and beautiful eye and face makeup finish that will blow people away.
PERFECT LOOK – 7 Premium Makeup Brushes that let you create your perfect day-to-day makeup look. Your set will include: Powder Brush, Flat Top Kabuki Brush, Blush Brush, Angled Detailer Brush, Blending Brush, Small Eyeshadow Brush.
NO SOAK UP – Don´t you think it would make a GREAT GIFT for one of your loved ones? These professional makeup brushes work well with all makeup like liquids, creams, minerals or powders. No excessive soak up of product like other brushes. Your search is over. Get them now and upgrade your perfect makeup look to the next level.
NO SHEDDING – Pure Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Question: What are suggested ways to clean the brushes? Thank you in advance.

Answer: I use a little baby shampoo or mild detergent in the bottom of the sink with water. Swirl the brush around and rub on side of sink, do not wet the area where the brushes meet the handle. Gently dry on towel to get most moisture and then let air dry. Works like a charm!

Question: Are the brushes shorter since they are travel brushes

Answer: No, they are full size brushes.

Question: Do these brushes come with a case?

Answer: No, if you like,we can make for you.


Customer Reviews

Do not hesitate !!!

I just want to say, I have been ordering a LOT Of different cosmetic brushes from Google to find the ones I like, these Lamora Brushes… The Blush Brush set are absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! I believe they are the best I have bought , right up there with my Sigma brushes!!! I am extremely happy with these brushes , how they were packaged … No smell …STRAIGHT UP … Just a GREAT product!!! ”

” Soft and no shedding

Soft with no shedding. I have gotten brushes online that were cheaper. But the hard, plastic like poke your face and even smelled like chemicals. These are soft, and there was no smell. I washed before I used them and there was no shedding. They didn’t leave streaks when I used it for my foundation. Flawless, application. I got it for the foundation brush, but will be using them all. ”

” I would buy the Travel Makeup Brush Set

This is my second set of brushes I have bought! I feel like I have found some really good and not very expensive brushes. Again I have bought every brand out there. Some are better than others and some are highly over priced. These are full and dense. The look and feel professional. The work wonderfully. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and can’t wait to buy more. ”

” Very Nice

Well I am no professional but these brushes are great. I have had them for like two weeks now and have already washed them and used them several times, and they have kept their shape and are very very soft and pleasant to the skin. Also the handles are nice and thick so they are easy to hold. If I had to say something bad, I would only say that I wish their liner brush was actually not too soft because I think a harder brush is better to do liner, but thats just personal preference, and regardless I like it to fill in my eyebrows. Also it would be nice if they added an additional thicker rounded brush for shadow, but regardless this set is great and I highly recommend it. As far as the case, it is very nice looking and great to use on the go. I would, however, prefer if it actually opened like a book rather than having to attach it because sometimes I worry the bristles on the brush can pull back. If you put the brush side in first its fine but its just a suggestion for future products. ”

” Nice set but an adjustment from what I am use to

I really like the feel of the brushes. They are very soft and more dense than my very old brushes. They hold more powder and blush than I am use to so I feel like I am learning how to put make up on again:). I am good with the powder but struggling with the blush brush. I use blush pressed powder not a cream, but the brush is so dense that it leaves more of a streak. I find myself having to rub around more with my fingers than the brush. I am trying to adjust, so right now, I like the powder and eye shadow brushes, but I am not so sure about the blush brush yet. I will keep working on my technique and see how it goes. ”