Makeup Kit Complete 22pcs Best Makeup Brushes Set MS-013

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Makeup Kit Complete 22pcs Best Makeup Brushes Set MS-013


Brushes include:

01# Fan Brush ( 16.8 cm )
02# Powder Brush ( 16.5 cm )
03# Blush Brush ( 16.5 cm )
04# Flame Brush ( 17.5 cm )
05# Flat Head Brush ( 15.2 cm )
06# Mini Blush Brush ( 15.6 cm )
07# Mini Powder Brush ( 15.5 cm )
08# Mini Flame Brush ( 16.5 cm )
09# Blush Brush ( 15.8 cm )
10# Flame Foundation Brush ( 15.8 cm )
11# Foundation Brush ( 16.0 cm )
12# Angle Shadow Brush ( 16.3 cm )
13# Eye Shadow Brush ( 16.5 cm )
14# Mini Flat Head Brush ( 16.2 cm )
15# Nose Brush ( 16.3 cm )
16# Large Concealer Brush ( 16.2 cm )
17# Mini Concealer Brush ( 15.8 cm )
18# Large Concealer Brush ( 15.8 cm )
19# Mini Concealer Brush ( 16.2 cm )
20# Lip Brush ( 15.8 cm )
21# Eyebrow Brush ( 15.5 cm )
22# Mini Fan Brush ( 17.7 cm )


customer reviews

” Fanstastic:

This is my second set from this user, these are much fluffier and so much softer than the other one I got ( which was specifically more for special-effects make up ) these brushes however, are definitely an every day brush. These can be comparable to BH cosmetics, unicorn cosmetics, and much better quality than real techniques in my opinion. They do come with a slight smell, but as always you should wash your brushes before initially use and the smell goes away.
These brushes come with a nice leather case to store them in, and a booklet that says what each brushes purposes for beginners.
This is an amazing brush set for beginners, even I who has been doing make up for about 10 years plus now and I really like this set.
I didn’t realize that the metal detailing was rose gold, which is very in and very pretty. The brushes are a little on the longer side compared to what I work with, but still very comfortable to hold, good quality, and light. ”

” Great Deal! :

I showed my friend these pictures after they got here, and had her guess the price. She thought I spent 60$ on these! These really are high quality, for an unheard of price! The chemical smell lasted for maybe a minute, but you have to be holding the bag to your face to even notice it. I highly recommend this set. There’s literally a brush for everything. Super soft, sturdy handles, and they work great! ”

” Put these in your cart NOW!

Very happy with this purchase! There is every single brush I could ever need – and more! They are very soft and I really like the nice pouch that was included. I literally could not be happier! ”

” Great value!

Love the face brushes, they’re so soft and apply product so well! The eye brushes could be more exact but I already have a bunch of those. Getting so many great brushes for this price is amazing! ”