New Makeup 2018 Foundation Powder Eye Shadows Brush MS-057

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New Makeup 2018 Foundation Powder Eye Shadows Brush MS-057

questions & answers

are the brushes good quality ?

I don’t know too much on the different type of brushes. I do know that these brushes do the job. They are very soft. I’ve had the brushes for some time now and I love them! I own some travel size name brand (won’t say the brand) brushes and I don’t really care too much for them. I like these way better.  ”

” how big are these brushes ?

The brushes are a nice size. Not as big as the picture shows but works very well for blending and also the brushes don’t shed.  ”

” Are there eye brushes ?

Yes, there are 5 different eyeshadow brushes. ”

” What kind of soap should i use to clean these brushes ?

Hi, u can try to clean these brushes with some gentle shampoo water, and it will be better if the shampoo is free of parabens, phthalates, petroleum, and perfume. ”

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Customer Reviews

” Lucky nothing arrived broken.

here’s a 100% honest opinion from a makeup junkie. I receive my package today. Lucky nothing arrived broken. It was packaged very well & in a neat way. I unpackage each brush . One by one . I always read reviews before I buy, I was expecting a smell from theses brushes because that’s what I Seen most of from the reviews I read. & YES it’s true . There is a some what strong odor when you smell the brushes even the “beauty blender” and brush cleaner. But they are $1O damn dollars . You can’t expect everything to be perfect with theses. If that’s what you’re looking for go spend a check on brushes and stop looking for some on amazon!! Anyways A quick wash is all you need. All I did was get my cheap ass E.L.F brush cleaner & “cleaned” one by one ; the smell came off immediately. Which is a plus. Now to the brushes them self. They’re super soft & from the looks and feel. I am confident that they will be getting the job done. I am super happy with this purchase and I do not mind rebuying them at all. ”

” Awesome! These brushes really surprised me!!

Good set of soft brushes. Great for blending and you cant beat the price. No odor issue with the set I received. ***UPDATE*** Been using these brushes for a few months and they are holding up great. I am honestly shocked at how good the quality is for the cost. I especially ended up loving the foundation and contouring brushes, which is weird because I am a beauty blender junkie (didn’t love the blender that came with the kit, but it’s definitely not anywhere near the worst I’ve used either) but the foundation brush works so well that I find myself reaching fro it every day and just using the blender to “perfect” and press the foundation in a bit more afterwards. The eyeshadow brushes are also great. Honestly, I have TONS of brushes, cheap and expensive, and I tend to reach for these most often now. I really wasn’t expecting that! Buying a second set as a back-up. *******UPDATE***** It’s been about a year since I bought the first set and my brushes are still all in perfect condition and remain the ones I reach for everyday. I love them so much that I’ve started buying this set as a “starter” set for all my friends and family who take an interest in Make-up. Bought a set for my youngest sister in October and now I am buying a set to gift my middle sister so she’ll have the tools to achieve beautiful make-up looks and hopefully catch the Beauty Bug, too. ”

” Great Selection.

I needed a second set for the camper. Loved that the package came with pictures of each brush, the size, and a description on how to use each brush. Yes there is an odor when opening the package. I left the set out overnight and smell is gone. Soft brushes, no shedding, with sturdy handles. Aboustely love the pink blender great for under the eyes. I use my face cleaner with the brush cleaner an worked wonders. Oh i switched these to everyday use for the house! ”

” This is such a great set of makeup brushes.

This is such a great set of makeup brushes. I originally was looking for a two blending sponge set, but when I saw this great deal, I purchased it. This is a set that will last a long time, and really completes any makeup application need. The ten brushes are individually wrapped, which made the shipping work well. The brushes are all standing up straight instead of going in every direction. This was a very nice touch. Each of the brushes is made with heavy plastic and metal. With this type of construction, cleaning will be easy too! Also with both the big and small blenders, it really does everything! Overall, I am very happy with this set. I would purchase again! ”

” Awesome brushes for an awesome price !

First of all, I’d like to say how happily surprised I am with these brushes! Shipping wise, they showed up in time and well packaged. Whem I opened the package I noticed the brushes were inside another package that included individually wrapped brushes + 2 tools (sponge and cleansing tool). One if the first thing I check with brushes is the security of the ferrule and each brush was perfectly intact. 2nd I check density and materials used: the handles are wooden with a decent weight and the bristles are synthetic which I prefer because they work well with liquids, creams, and powders. They also blend really nicely, I swatched with different formulas and they are amazing!
I’d also like to add the bonus tool are amazing as well. I love the brush cleaning tool, this will be the 3rd one of i tried and I like it the best because I have more control and it isn’t bulky. The sponge is very nice and dense without be porous, and absorbs water nicely ! ”