Private label cosmetics no minimum eyeshadow blending brushes MS-073

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Private label cosmetics no minimum eyeshadow blending brushes MS-073


Dense, soft, and silky brush head offers complete comfort while applying makeup.
Top notch quality synthetic fiber hair does not shed, ensuring long term usage.
Five types of brushes included: Angled, Round, Flat, Flat Angled, Tapered to provide a variety of makeup application styles.
10pcs different shapes and sizes of makeup brushes: great for various types of makeup such as foundation, blush, blending, contouring, shading, highlighting, eye shadow, eyebrow, concealer,eyeliner etc.
Because we manufacture our own brushes, we can offer hand-crafted with the highest quality make up brushes just like high end brands at a lower price to our valued customers like you
All these cute 10pcs makeup brushes are packed in a portable, cute & multifunctional cosmetic bag for protecting, storing, or carrying to anywhere.
BACK GUARANTEE:Brand new and high quality,we are so confident in our products that we offer a 30-day replacement or money-back guarantee. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service

Balck and gold Private label cosmetics brush set: Best travel makeup brushes 7pcs powder blush eye face MS-072


Customer Reviews


” Great quality!!

I love these brushes! They are amazing! Some people might say they are just make up brushes but when you have had a bad set you will know why it’s so important to have a great set of brushes! I loved them so much I even got the gold set as well!! You can never have too many make up brushes!

Let’s start with the way it was packaged. It came in a cute ziplock bag style package that you can reuse if you would like. And each brush is wrapped separate. Now I will say there is a horrible chemical smell so just wash the brushes first and the smell goes right away no biggie at all! Or even just let them air out over night.

There is a instructional sheet that tells you what brush is for what. Which can be a huge plus for someone who doesn’t know too much about brushes, I’ve actually never seen a set have instructions so I was very pleased with this.

The brush set includes

-round brush
-flat angle brush
– flat foundation brush
– angled brush
– tapered brush
-small tapered brush
-precision round brush
-small angled brush
-small flat brush
-small flat angle brush

It has every brush you could think of that you would need! I’m very impressed with this set and recommend it to any girl who loves make up and needs a good set!

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**I was given this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and received no incentives or Rewards for doing so. My reviews are always sincere and truthful.** ”

” Great quality brush set!

I really am liking this set of brushes! I ordered the gold set and the color is pretty! I wear makeup every day and have used a lot of brushes and these ones are great! The quality is good, they are really soft as well and feel nice on the skin. They don’t cause irritation at all. I was a little disappointed in the length of the bristles, I thought the larger sized brushes would be a little bigger on the head. Even they are not as big as I hoped, they apply makeup really well!!! I am really happy with the results of how my look comes out using the brushes. The five large brushes are more for contouring, powder and liquid foundation. Nothing appears to apply streaky. The five smaller brushes are used for more in the eye area! I wish it came with an angled brush that was a lot thinner.. the one provided is more of a rounded brush with an angle on one side. All in all the brushes work really well and I’m very pleased with my purchase and would purchase again! This set came in cute packaging, the bag that the brushes comes in is also resealable and it also came with instructions on how to use each brush, if you are a beginner!

” Quality, Price and Well-designed: A Deal!

These Dermatique Makeup brushes are extremely well-made, excellent quality and a fantastic value!
The brushes come in silver. I got the silver set for my wife. Granted, I had to take them from the house before she used them to do this review, but she was very impressed with them! One of my degrees is in Acting/Public Speaking. I have been in both college productions and worked in community theater many times as an adult. I have had, in the past, experience using makeup and makeup brushes.
The quality of these brushes is readily apparent. The handle is a sturdy, but easy-to-hold material (a type of plastic) which is manufactured so it will not easily chip or break. The shaft of the brush is both mechanically (through compression clamping) and solvent welded to the brush head. The quality of the bristles is extremely high. There are no “loose bristles” and the ends of the bristles are extremely soft. There are ten brushes in the pack. Both an interior sheet and the outside of the package detail the use of each type of brush included.
My wife usually buys replacement brushes from a higher-end cosmetic company in our local mall; one of the brushes she buys from them cost more than this entire set. The ones she buys are natural bristle (these are man-made), but they also cost 1 1/2 times for each of their brushes that this ten piece set costs on Amazon!
These are just good brushes. The cost allows you to even replace ones that might wear out several times when compared to similar quality branded brushes! I can highly recommend these brushes! Buy TWO sets! ”

” stars Makeup Brushes for dummies…. or the experienced

These makeup brushes are amazing. I don’t wear makeup frequently, or really ever, maybe for a special occasion a couple of times a year. I am not great at putting makeup on in the first place, it always look blotchy and like I am wearing way too much makeup. I decided to give these a shot after a shower while my boyfriend was napping. I woke him up from his nap and his first response was, where did you go to get your makeup done? How long was I asleep? I told him I did it and he didn’t believe me. Wow!
The packaging is great, it breaks down what each brush is for and how to use them properly. Again, this isn’t something I do often and never really paid attention to how to do it, because really? Why? I wasn’t out to impress anyone. I have always been a person that either you like me for who I am or you don’t like me, no biggie either way on my part. I wasn’t going to throw some false pretense out there for anyone. But on occasion, you have to look good for the pictures that are captured for eternity. As I said, the bag they come in, has a picture of each brush and how best to use it in application of each kind of makeup (powders, liquids, which are of your face). It is the makeup for dummies that this dummy needed. Next, the bristles are so soft that they don’t scratch or scrap your face, it is actually relaxing to put on makeup! Who knew? The long handles made movements easy and effortless. The whole process that prior to these brushes took me an hour, took me 15 minutes and the results were night and day. Super happy with this set and would definitely recommend to anyone, whether they have been using makeup for years and are looking for a great set of brushes or someone that is like me and has only used the brushes that are supplied with the makeup themselves. ”

” Amazing brushes

This is one of the better brush sets I have ever tried! I just wish I had discovered it sooner, instead of wasting so much money on more expensive brushes. These are just as great as those, at a fraction of the price and with a better value. To begin with, they are extremely soft to the touch and feel velvety on the skin, so there is no scratching or irritation. They are excellent on all types of makeup (have tried with both liquid and powder and loved the results of both). The result is a very natural yet polished finish that hides my pores, without looking caked on or too heavily made up. Last, but not least, they are extremely easy to clean. The bristles are densely packed, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily the make up came out. Give it a try! I highly recommend 😉 ”