Private Label Cosmetics Wholesale Brushes 6pcs Fiber Bristles MS-067

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Private Label Cosmetics Wholesale Brushes 6pcs Fiber Bristles MS-067

Contained within a luxurious, chic brush wrap bag,6 Piece Master Studio Brush Set ensures that anyone and everyone can become a masterful makeup artist by providing all of the possible beauty tools. Crafted using incredible materials, including Champagne Wood for the matte handle and polished Chrome Ferrule, this unique set guarantees full creative control, allowing experimentation and artistry to flair.
With 6 pieces different makeup brushes, each specially designed to tackle specific areas of the complexion, 6 Piece Master Studio Brush Set magnificently caresses the face whilst simultaneously creating a flawless finish to any look. Graceful, sumptuous and refined, this collection would make an incredible addition to any beauty addict’s dressing table.
Become studio-ready with this revolutionary set of professional makeup brushes set from Vander.

Professional Private Label Cosmetics Wholesale: Professional Makeup Brush Set Premium 15pcs Foundation Powder MS-066


How to clear the bad smell of New brush:
1.wash the brushes with white vinegar atfirst.
2.Then wash it again with baby shampoo assecond time.
3.Leave it on the shadows and after thatthe smell gone.

Question: How large are the brushes handles? I have another set, but the handles are so large it makes it difficult to use.

Answer: hello,the longest one is only 17.5 centimeters, the other average is 15.5 centimeters.

Question: Which brush would i use for bare minerals powder concealer?

Answer: 4 big ones are fit for your needs.

Question: Are the eyeshadow brushes good ?

Answer: Yes i think so. There many different ones that you can use!

Question: where are these brushes made?

Answer: china


Customer Reviews

Super soft and durable! Perfect for busy moms and professionals on the go!

Firstly, this arrived very well packaged and cared for, and I really appreciate that. When I opened up my package, really excited me! It’s much prettier in person. I absolutely adore the case and how organizer friendly it is. The brushes are awesome. Super soft and the wooden handles feel really durable. The brown brushes are dense and perfect for eyeshadow application. The eyeliner brush is perfect for applying winged eyeliner because of its sharpness. I will finally be able to throw away my old makeup brushes and get rid of the jar they’ve been sitting in, that takes up so much room for this makeup pouch and brushes! I started testing the brushes out immediately and they glide so smoothly over my skin, applying highlighter is a breeze. As a busy mother and business woman, I’m ALWAYS in a rush. I’ve always just thrown my brushes in my purse when on the run, but now I can just take the whole pouch with me. ”

” So soft

These makeup brushes that I bought are wonderful. I was needing new ones and these were a great price. I was extremely happy when I received them. Oh my gosh they are so soft and work so well. Some brushes are stiff and don’t smooth out the makeup very well but these are AWESOME. There is a variety of sizes which is excellent for using for powders, shadows etc. If anyone is in need of great Makeup brushes or want to give them as a gift; give these a try; I am glad I did. These are so pretty and come in an pretty case. ”

” Holds up well

I am returning my Sephora makeup brush set because for less than a 1/4 of the price these are the same quality if not better. I also tested it out with my makeup brush cleaner to see if the bristles would start to fall after being wet. It did not. Nice travel case too. ”

” Love this brush set

Love this brush set. Comes with every brush you can imagine. I have been looking at multiple brush sets and I think this is the best one! The bristles are nice and soft. I really need soft bristles due to my skin being extra sensitive. They apply make up really well and it doesn’t just fall of the brush. Highly recommend. ”

” My new favorite brushes!

I absolutely love these brushes! After buying my sister in law some expensive brushes for Christmas I decided it was time to treat myself to some but didn’t want to spend so much money on myself. I found these and I’m in love! The case is beautiful and the brushes are extremely soft and blend well! The metal is rose gold and the brushes are light weight but nice and sturdy. I was very impressed. I immediately had to use them as soon as I saw they were delivered! Now that I have my makeup done it’s time for a nice evening with the hubs! ”

” A nice product at a fair price.

After searching fndor a nice set of makeup brushes at a fair price a friend recommended this set with the soft, hypoallergenic brush hair and designer case. On opening the package I was impressed with the look and feel of the leather material carrying case. The brushes are on par with the some of the more expensive makeup brushes in the durable feel of the brush handles to the softness and quality of the fine smooth hair of the brushes. With my first use of the brushes I was impressed with the ease of getting just the right amount of powder to how it effortlessly glided over my face for uniform coverage. Overall I am happy with my purchase and would recommend these brushes as a good buy. ”