Single Brush Foundation Blush Blending Makeup Companies MS-060

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Single Brush Foundation Blush Blending Makeup Companies MS-060

Blending & Bronzing Brush is a duo-fiber bristle Single brush for a buildable sunkissed bronze. Create even glow by sweeping powder/bronzer over face. For more definition, use on areas where the sun would hit and lightly contour the hollows of the face.
Dab brush in cream or powder color. Apply by tracing the number “3” on both sides of face. Start at the top of forehead, sweep down and across the hollow of cheeks, then dust across jawline. The brush is beautifully soft, handcrafted and 100 percent vegan.
Giving a new purpose to old things, our products are made from recycled aluminum and plastic; packaging made of 100% Tree-Free paper, with 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers; the handles on our products are made of wood, one of the fastest growing plants
At EcoTools, we want you to embrace your own individual meaning of beauty & share it with the world, whether it’s makeup tutorials, an inspirational story, or giving back to the community, when you feel truly beautiful, you’ll make the world feel beautiful

Can this powder brush be used with loose mineral foundation?

I feel like this Single powder brush is better for setting the face since it is not super dense. You can definitely use it with powder foundation for setting purposes. But if you want coverage I recommend using a denser brush (shorter bristles)

Can this powder brush be used with my fine mineral make-up? And does this give a matte finish? Thanks!!! 🙂

I think it would work. It’s really soft. Not sure about the matte finish, that usually depends on the makeup. Hope this helps

Would this brush be good to use to apply my bb cream or should i use eco tools stippling makeup brush? thanks for your help i really appreciate it!

Yes, you can use it for bb cream. I always use it for my bb cream as well ! 🙂

Is this a flat brush?

No it is not. I retuned it because the one in the picture looks flat but they resent me the same round one.

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Customer Reviews


They were so soft and easy to use that I bought the bigger versions here

I stumbled on this brand while at the drugstore, and I bought myself a little travel case with a few brushes inside. They were so soft and easy to use that I bought the bigger versions here, and I am not disappointed! These rival any fancy brands in my humble opinion. I own the Bobby Brown basic set (which is literally $200+), and these are comparable in terms of softness, coverage and sturdiness. That being said, I am by no means a makeup snob, so I’m sure there will be differing opinions. But all I’m looking for is a soft brush that will pick up the medium, and allow for control while applying it to my face. And I don’t want shedding. So these honestly do the trick. ”

” The best foundation brush

I purchased this after using another stippling brush for the past 4+ years (In the now discontinued 4-piece Vanity Backstage Set). My older brush has held up amazingly well and is still going strong to this day aside from the bristles being bent some after prolonged use, but I wanted to try the new one when I noticed the older one had been discontinued. This new brush is even better due to its tapered edges instead of the blunt, flat cut like the old one, which would not reach the smaller areas like around/under my eyes due to the shape. It gives an airbrushed finish and great coverage.I bought this to use with my Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation since I like stippling brushes with it but If you wear Mineral foundation and you’re looking for a brush this one is worth trying. I applied my Bare Minerals with this brush and it buffed it in beautifully, and I now prefer it to any other brush I have for mineral makeup.
I own several brushes by this brand and not one has ever shed. All have been very durable and I love that they’re affordable and great quality. I hope that never changes. ”

” Amazing Brush, Amazing Price

I love this brush, which is actually quite impressive, as for the price it is excellent quality and I’ve purchased brushes that are 5 times the price (because makeup brands claim you must use THIS brush for THIS product, etc. etc.) and fall apart in 6 mos-1 year, which is fast for a brush as expensive as many are. I primarily purchased this to apply foundation as I was reading up that using hands to apply CC/BB creams, foundations, and really any cream of any sort, just doesn’t give the best look or coverage. So I went on the hunt for a flat foundation brush to try during application. The price (approx. $6) for this brush is stellar, it does count under prime shipping, and it comes in its own little eco-friendly cloth bag which keeps it free from dust, debris, and keeps the head in good health. The brush is synthetic (a must for foundation application) and the bristles are extremely soft! No poking and prodding in the early morning. Plus, I haven’t had a single bristle shed on me thus far. This brush gets 5 stars! ”

” I love this brush

I love this brush! The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars it because I took out my other this brand brush hairs didn’t feel the same but no brush hairs feel out feels sturdy gets the job done so I’m happy with my purchase. ”

Have bought again, will buy again after this one too!

This was my first proper makeup brush (meaning, not one I bought at Forever 21 or something) when I was 13. It lasted years. I lost my brushes on the commute to work a few months back, and EcoTools isn’t stocked in my country. I saw this as an add-on, bought it again, and no regrets! It’s super soft, applies powder evenly, and looks gorgeous. EcoTools are a great brand. ”

Changed the way I applied my makeup!

I’ve had this brush for nearly a year now, and it’s still as great as when I got it! The bristles are soft and well placed and remain where they should be. They haven’t fallen out even with routine washing (though I’m also careful with my brushes and always hang them bristles down, so I’m sure that helps).
This brush was a total gamechanger for applying liquid foundation. I always used my fingers and would get the occasional streak of unevenness that was annoying to get rid of. With this brush, my makeup applies smoothly and evenly the first attempt without the extra fussing. I’ve also noticed that my skin is healthier since I’m not touching it with my hands as much.
It works amazingly for subtle, natural looking blush as well. I’m very cautious of being heavy handed with blush usually, but this brush took the effort out of that and made it easy.
Overall, a very high quality brush and an absolute steal for the money. ”