Top makeup brushes 24pcs Synthetic Fiber Bristles brown bag MS-034

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Top makeup brushes 24pcs Synthetic Fiber Bristles brown bag MS-034

With its chunky yet lightweight handle, Deluxe Professional Makeup Brushes magically buffs the product over the skin whilst simultaneously providing a natural finish. Synthetic bristles exquisitely apply the desired makeup to the complexion whilst remaining impeccably gentle on the skin.
–A foundation makeup brushes that features blended fibres for seamless blendability of cream, liquid and powder-based products. The long, sleek handle promotes creative control and precision.
–With a sumptuously decadent design, Face Brush guarantees to effectively provide the complexion of your dreams, meaning it would make the perfect addition to any beauty junkie’s cosmetic collection.
–Don’t you think our makeup brush set WILL BE A GREAT GIFT for one of your loved ones. Extraordinarily dense, Face Buffer Brush is the perfect everyday tool for creating gorgeous foundation results. Ideal for all over application and blending of foundation, powder and Mineral makeup, Face Buffer Brush features soft, cruelty-free bristles which pick up perfectly any kind of cream and loose powder makeup without absorbing the product.

–Contained within a luxurious, chic brush wrap bag,24 Piece Master Studio Brush Set ensures that anyone and everyone can become a masterful makeup artist by providing all of the possible beauty tools. Crafted using incredible materials, including Champagne Wood for the matte handle and polished Chrome Ferrule, this unique set guarantees full creative control, allowing experimentation and artistry to flair.
–With 24 pieces different makeup brushes, each specially designed to tackle specific areas of the complexion, 24 Piece Master Studio Brush Set magnificently caresses the face whilst simultaneously creating a flawless finish to any look. Graceful, sumptuous and refined, this collection would make an incredible addition to any beauty addict’s dressing table.
–24 Piece Master Studio Brush Set is combined with natural and synthetic brushes, meaning that both powder and cream-based products can be used effortlessly.