Picture Show How To Make The Makeup Brushes

Picture Show How The Makeup Brushes Making

Generally speaking, the brush consists of three parts: brush handle, metal tube, brush head ( hair ).

Brush handle: common materials are acrylic, plastic, wooden, bamboo, metal, resin… etc

Acrylic and plastic are collectively referred to as cast plastic handle, which needs special custom-made molds.

The most common are bamboo and wooden, birch, the most used is wooden, and, in addition, advanced sandalwood.

Sandalwood is the most expensive, the log is expensive, and after processing, it will be more expensive.

The acrylic handle cost is expensive, it have to make the mold, so the acrying handle based on the bulk order, over 3000 sets we can make it.

Take the most common birch handle as an example, briefly introduce the production of brush handle.

According to the design to make the shape of the brush handle, the shape of the wood handle is to finish the painting, generally need to go up 2 times the primer and 6 to 8 times finish, the saturation, the hardness will be better.The brush handle is ready to be placed in a cool and dry house for a month so that the flavor is dissipated to be used.

Therefore, if the brush hardness is not easy enough to scratch or paint saturation is not enough, the brushes handle is not good, paint less than six times. The brush smell a pungent often is ventilated not enough, make the brushes in a open place of a half month is ok.

Tube is made of copper and aluminum materials, copper is a bit thick, hardness is 10 times that of the aluminum tube, and the quality is better than aluminium in five times, feeling is better, the copper also more brightness, so if you wanna a good texture please choose copper tube of the brushes.
After washing the brushes, you should pay attention to dry the tube. You should also pay attention not to put it in a humid environment, otherwise the nozzle will oxidize, the copper tube will oxidize the green rust, and the aluminum tube will oxidize the white rust.

As for color, style and size, you can customize it according to your needs.

There is also a kind of wash white tube, multi-purpose the brush that is case, flexible brush etc., be concealed inside the outside tube inside, commonly we cannot see. As shown in the picture below, the left side is the real thing and the right is the internal structure.

Selection the ferrule: each ferrule will be screened manually before use, the shape and color can be selected for the next step.

Something like this can’t be passed.

Available material packing with plastic, in case of scratches in the process. (the aluminum tube does not need to be covered with a protective film, and the copper tube needs to be protected.)

Here is the soul of the brush — the brush head.

The brush head is made of hair, the hair quality based on the price. The hair material are synthetic fiber wool and animal hair.

  1. Synthetic Fiber: The fiber wool from Germany, because the animal hair cost is high and the killing of animals, some animal protector to stop, etc., Some company research and produce the fiber wool, with the development of science and technology, synthetic fiber technology is getting better and better now, synthetic fiber not only in hair top processing technology, can make it soft and delicate, in imitation of animal wool scale pit can do 80% rayon, now can already amounted to 80% of animal wool effect is even higher, softness and toughness are in control of phase contrast animal wool have more advantages. Usually meet the extraction ability is poor, because the synthetic fiber’s ripple is not good, some even without ripple, so difficult to apply powder, it is generally because small workshops in order to lower the cost. The advantage of synthetic fiber brush is not to stab face, environmental protection, price friendly, do not need special maintenance, washable and durable.
  2. And now talking all kinds of animal hair used for making makeup brushes:

When it comes to a lot of people will think of wool in Inner Mongolia, the wind blow grass low see cattle and sheep did pictures immediately flashed in my mind, in fact this is wrong, the weather was cold in the north sheep have thick hair, wool is not suitable for thick brush.
The wool that makes a brush is very fastidious, the sheep have to live in not cold also not too hot place.
In recent years, due to the industrial farming, the meat sheep market has made the early local sheep gradually obsolete.
As we konw that local sheep need a year or two, qualitative to mature, quality of a material is full, is the excellent raw material, the mutton beyond the laws of nature to grow too fast, the hair not yet good to market, produced by wool quality drops, also after the brush hair will be more and more low.
The goat hair is mainly from henan, hebei, wuxi.

Quality of goat hair: light peak > medium peak > white peak > yellow peak.

It is difficult to tell from the soft comfort of the tactile sensation, but if you carefully feel the pure Fine light peak, you will find that it has a cool feeling, which is not the synthetic fiber.
(preferably where the light is enough natural light) careful study hair peak, pure Fine light peak, especially the purified pure Fine light peak, the hair peak is fluffy feeling, fiber brush also can’t do this right now.
If you can’t feeling it, just burn it. take some hair from the brush and place it on the fire for a second. then you will have the answer.

Animal hair: look: easy to burn, fire.
Smell: after the fire is like the body hair burned the same smell.
Touch: the burnt ash is crushed with the fingers.

Synthetic Fiber: Look: difficult to burn, no flame, can melt into a ball.
Smell: only melted and then crystallized, not burned, no smell, but burning long is the smell of plastic.
Touch: if it is only recrystallized, it will feel very hard with your fingers.
If the burn will automatically melt down to the ground, there will be no ash on the burnt part.

Squirrel hair: squirrel northeast parts called greyhound, many people think that squirrel is a kind of big rats, the actual is not, real smooth as silk, no animals bad smelly.
General use squirrel hair brush is in advance and synthetic fiber and other animal hair blending used, the reason is pure squirrel hair , upmarket but not how to picking up powder, too soft, toughness is not enough, it is not good for makeup brushes.

Mink hair: also known as weasel, right, is like to steal chicken to eat that!!
The Mink hair has a good elasticity and high elasticity. It is suitable for the eye makeup brush. It was only used in the tail hair of the Mink hair many years ago.
My first touch with Mink hair eye brush, worried about it will stab the eyes, but assuredly not , there is defferent with the Squirrel hair, if you can adapt to this kind of feeling, will be the big love Mink hair brush.
So far, we have not heard of the breeding ground of the weasel, all of which rely on the professional hunter.
Due to the scarcity, the mink hair cost high, and the price is 4 to 5 times that of the gray rat.
The main producing area is hebei and northeast three provinces.
It can be used to make eye shadow brush, suitable for natural makeup.
The hair end of the Mink hair is slender, flexible, durable, water-resistant and well suited to a cream eye shadow.
Due to good elasticity, it is widely used in lip brush, eyeliner brush and concealer.

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